An Overview of Our Services


We provide an integrated, all-in-one service and single point of contact and accountability, through which all of the required processes are facilitated.


A complimentary initial consultation.


By the time you make your prerequisite trip to Slovenia, we would have done all of the leg-work on the ground, finalised your custom-designed investment plan, appraised and selected a suitable investment real estate property and prepared all of the necessary documentation and made all prior arrangements to ensure that all obligations are met.


Our specialised travel partner, Wilsi Travel and Tours, will handle all of the travel arrangements – including flights, transfers and hotel accommodation, etc. – to ensure that you are availed of the best possible options and resources.


In addition, should you wish to make a holiday out of your trip, Wilsi Travel and Tours are best positioned to enable all of your requirements, including travel and tour itineraries, planning, guides, vehicle rentals, accommodation, etc.


We will facilitate all of the requirements and formalities within a 5 to 7 day stay in the Slovenian Capital of Ljubljana.


You will be met and accompanied through every step and procedure during your stay.


As a part of the investment property selection process, we undertake an investment analysis, validate all documentation and prepare the relevant agreements to enable the transaction.


In addition, we also validate the income that the investment property will provide for your company.


Once the investment has been finalised, we provide the required effective operating support to your new business.


From the initial act of the opening of your company, to receipt of your residence permit card, we provide all of the assistance and support needed, every step of the way.


When the time comes, we also support and facilitate the entire process for your family members to receive their residence permits too.

Once your application has been approved and your EU work-and-residence permit cards have been collected, you’ll have the freedom of choice to stay in South Africa and continue to live in this great Country; while having the option to live, work and travel within the EU visa free, at any time ongoing.

Contact us to make an appointment so that we can provide more details and information, and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to meeting with you and facilitating your peace of mind.