EU Connect will facilitate the registration of a company in Slovenia for the client, in which company the client will be the sole director and shareholder;

The client will receive a tax number;

A company bank account will be opened with an initial €7,500 required from the client as a capital deposit;

Once the company has been registered, immovable property will be purchased in the amount of €110,000 (or more, should the client wish) and will be registered in the name of the company;

Subsequent to the purchase of the property, the client will obtain a work and temporary residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia;

One year after the issuing of said permit, the client has the option to reunify his/her direct family through the reunification process, whereby the client’s spouse and minor/dependent children (including adult children up to the age of 27) can also receive a temporary residence permit with all the advantages that includes.


Once-off Costs


Consultancy service costs in respect of opening a company and obtaining work and residence permit


Investment property cost (minimum)

2% + VAT

Brokerage Fee for the selection and registration of the Investment property (current Slovenian VAT rate calculated at 22%)


Initial capital deposit – company bank account (this remains the client’s money to be used later as deemed fit)



note: this is an approximate amount, as these particular costs are outside of our control and are subject to change without notice.

Monthly Expenses (after registration of the company)

(Prior to receipt of work and residence permit):


Virtual Office* cost per month
(VAT included)

*Note: client receives 2 months virtual office as a gift


Accounting services cost per month
(VAT included)

(After receipt of work and residence permit):


Legal address cost per month (does not apply if the company is registered at the place of registration)


Accounting services cost per month
(VAT included)


Tax and social insurance cost per month (for each employee)

Yearly Expenses (VAT included)


Annual Financial Statements


Prolongation* of investor

*Note: €308 per person for reunification

Family Reunification (Once off cost)


Per person / family member

Additional Services


Employment of a second person in the company*

*Note: This is a 4 month process

Benefit: a family member can be employed in the company and, within 4 months, obtain permit. This negates the need to wait for a year from date of main applicant receiving his/her permit


University Enrolment per person

Your viable option for second citizenship and an investment abroad in Euros.

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