We are based locally, in Pretoria, which means we are able to meet with our clients in person


We are based in Europe, in the European destination country, through our partnership with SIBIZ d.o.o.

This enables our active participation, with you, every step of the way. Our tried-and-tested process is quick and efficient and typically, your EU Residency application will be finalised within 6 months. We pride ourselves on providing an affordable solution, without compromise on transparency, legal requirements or service.

A significant factor that sets EU Connect apart is the fact that key individuals within the Company have personally gone through the process step-by-step before you.

As South Africans operating a South African business, we understand and appreciate completely the ever-increasing uncertainty faced by our fellow South Africans, when it comes to our financial future and well-being. It is this reality that has driven us to:

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Provide an alternative option – a Solution that provides peace of mind and;

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Do so according to a tried-and-tested model that is affordable to many, rather than just to a select few.

Our trusted and professional legal and real estate team are well qualified and perfectly positioned to assist with every part of the process, including providing clarity and advice around the potential investment routes, to setting up local bank accounts and giving tax advice.

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The EU Connect model provides the opportunity for you to receive a return on your investment in the form of a passive income.

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You do not have to reside in the destination country to be eligible for a Residency permit and eventually citizenship.

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You can retain your South African citizenship, as this option allows for dual citizenship to be held.

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Through our partnership with SIBIZ d.o.o., a European company with many years’ experience successfully assisting foreigners to invest in the European property market, we are able to provide a locally based, fast, effective and reliable service to our South African clientele.

We understand that this may be the largest financial commitment that you make and we provide the assurance of a programme that has proven to be stable, is well-run and can offer offshore returns through a yield-generating asset.

Alternate offshore wealth creation and the peace of mind of a long term emigration opportunity for South Africans.

Contact us to make an appointment so that we can provide more details and information, and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to meeting with you and facilitating your peace of mind.